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Thank you for your interest in DYNATEK Articulated Loading Systems!

To initiate a request for information on your custom application, please complete the form below using the drawing as a reference for requested dimensions.

Articulated Loader Specifications

Key Dimensions
Use the drawing above to enter important dimensions (in feet and inches).
Please feel free to leave any uncertain fields blank and our representatives will gladly assist you.

A - Elevation of Ceiling
B - Elevation of Loader Supply Point
C - Elevation of Ground Level
D - Back Wall to Centerline of Road or Track
E - Back Wall to Centerline of Loader Supply Point
F - Elevation Top of Railroad Track

Transport Vehicle Specifications
Truck Size in Feet (22' is standard)
Railcar Size in Feet (27' is standard)
Barge Size in Feet
Other Vehicle Size in Feet
Other Vehicle Type

Material Specifications
Material Name
Bulk Density
Particle Size
Moisture Level
Angle of Repose

Preferred Loader Mounting Method
Preferred Drive System for Positioning
Load-out Spout
Load-out Spout Brand Preference
Control Enclosure Rating

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