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Right now, DYNATEK Articulated Loading Systems are reliably loading trucks, railcars and even barges with a wide range of dry materials in a variety of industries including biofuels, power generation, food processing, plastics manufacturing, recycling, mining and mineral processing. Each Loader’s unique ability to rotate up to 330 degrees, extend up to 30 feet and even adjust vertically, maximizes positioning versatility, allowing a single loader to load both trucks and railcars positioned side-by-side. Forty years of process and material variations have sharpened our design skills and honed our knowledge of different conveying technologies. With every new application, we put that experience to work developing the most affordable and reliable loading solution possible. Here are a few examples:

 Chemical Gypsum
Air Slide
115 Tons / HR
 Chemical  Red Iron Oxide
 Truck & Railcar
 Air Slide
 17.5 Tons / HR
 Ethanol  Dried Distillers Grain
 Truck & Railcar
 Drag  20,000 BU / HR
 Grain  Oilseed  Truck & Railcar
 Drag  15,000 BU / HR
 Minerals  Calcium Carbonate
 Truck  Belt  175 Tons / HR
 Minerals  Lime  Railcar  Auger  125 Tons / HR
 Power  Fly Ash
 Barge  Air Slide
 200 Tons / HR
 Steel  Flux Chemicals
 Scrap Bucket
 Belt  100 Tons / HR

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