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With successful truck, railcar and barge loader installations in place throughout North America, DYNATEK is currently seeking Independent Sales Representatives for many parts of the USA and Canada to help take its business and customer support to the next level. If you’re currently calling on manufacturers and engineering firms in any of the industries listed below and would like to look closer at the revenue potential DYNATEK could offer you, e-mail or call Gary Kuehneman at (262) 370-4524.

Industries Served
Grain Ethanol Chemical Processing Mineral Processing Fertilizer Plastics Power Steel

Territory:  Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, & Eastern Pennsylvania

Industries:  All, except Agriculture

Penn Quip, Inc.
Tom Brittain
Muncy, PA Office:  570.279.6126
Muncy, PA Fax:  570.546.3459
Web URL:

Steve Hilliard
Amber, PA Office:  215.646.3331
Amber, PA Fax:  215.646.1213
Web URL:

Jonathan Leach
Amber, PA Office:  215.646.3337
Web URL:

Territory:  Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolian, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and the Canadian Provinces east of and including, Ontario

Industries:  Agriculture Only

Hankinson Marketing, LLC

Tim Hankinson
Phone:  724-979-2373
Fax:      724.965.1465
Web URL:

Zach Hancock
Phone:  724-977-2266
Fax:      724.965.1465


Web URL:

 Territory:  Georgia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, E. Tennessee & Virginia

Industries:  All except Agriculture & Grain


For Virginia
Daniel Smith  704.799.5197

For S. Carolina & Georgia
Karl Dearnley 704.301.1443
For N. Carolina
Allen Hauser  704.301.1443


Territory:  Iowa, Kansas, Missouri & Nebraska

Industries:  All

Web URL:

North Kansas City, MO Office (Main): 
Tel:      816.842.2790
Fax:      816.842.5380

Jeff Roumph     
Wendel Patterson
Ruth Goodno   
Mike King                   

Newton, KS Office:
Tel:    316.283.7171
Fax:    816.842.5380

Tracy Eustace

Territory:  Florida & Alabama

Industries:  All

Web URL:
8263 Woodbridge Pointe Drive
Fort Myers, FL  33912

Ed Stephenson - President


Territory:  Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma & Texas

Industries:  All

Web URL:

Houston, TX Office:
Tel:                  713.627.8330
Office Fax:      713.627.2805

Territory:  West Virginia, Northern Ohio, & Western Pennsylvania

Industries:  All

Web URL:

McMurray, PA Office:

Tel:                  724.942.4966
Office Fax:      724.941.5799

Joe Hareza      
Walt Le Munyon

Dave Meyer     

Alexander Szul
Nancy Bower  
Sherri Laughner