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EconoLoader™ - Screw Conveyor


  • Stainless steel frame and auger construction
  • Special lighting, pitch and edge designs
  • Loader reach radii > 27 feet
  • Abrasion-resistant infeed and discharge transitions
  • Post, haunch or platform mounting
  • Special control functions, interfaces and enclosure ratings
  • Retractable loading spouts with 3 to 60 feet of vertical travel and dust recovery

DYNATEK’s auger or screw conveyor-based EconoLoader™ features the design versatility required to accommodate loading applications in almost any industry. Carbon or stainless steel construction, special trough designs, special flighting and pitch designs, hardened augers, augers finished with UHMW plastic or wire brush edge treatments and more. It’s this design versatility which enables DYNATEK to create articulated load-out conveyors for almost any powder or uniformly-sized bulk material and we’ve been doing it for years.

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Construction: Main conveying arm = Carbon steel structural tube housing and auger; 2nd conveying arm = Carbon steel structural truss frame, trough and auger
 Loader Reach: 22 feet from inlet CL to discharge CL for truck loading; 27 feet from inlet CL to discharge CL for railcar and barge loading
 Loading Rate: 8 Up to 2,500 cubic feet / hour (material dependent)
 Arm Positioning: Hydraulic or electromechanically-driven slewing bearings rotate each arm up to 330 degrees horizontally at ½ RPM to provide articulated motion.
 Control: Fully wired NEMA 4 control panel with hand-held control pendant lets a single operator rotate arms 1 & 2, raise / lower the loading spout and start/stop conveyor operation
 Finish: White metal sand blast with gray epoxy primer and polyurethane final coat